In Kalpitiya you will kite/surf most of the time in the Lagoon. Ok. Now think of the biggest lagoon you can imagine, double or tripple the size and you have the Kalpitiya Lagoon - its just super big.
Our center is located directly on the water. Windsurfer and good Kitesurfers start most of the time directly from our beach, for easier starting with your Kite, we offer free Boat-Transfers every couple of hours to the vis-a-vis sandbank where starting and enter the water is a bit easier. The conditons are really good for Freeride and Freestyle, because the water is really flat. You can stand pretty much everywhere without swimming and the water is around 28°C to 30°C.

Beside Sailing in the Lagoon in front of our resort there is the possibility of going to an lonely island (it's called Paradise Island), which provides the most constant wind with flatwater you can imagine. It's around 1,5hours away with the boat and always worth a trip. Just ask our staff.



Kalpitiya has two main seasons. The summer season lasts from May-October with strong winds every day. The winter season is from December-February also with a lot of wind days. Kalpitiya is located in the so called dry-zone of the island, means there is less rain also during the rainy season (April und November)

  • May-October: wind direction: south-west / wind-average: 20-25 knots / days of wind: almost every day, sometimes it's a bit gusty - but it's still one of the best spots in the world during summer months! 
  • December-February: wind direction: north-west / wind-average: 15-20 knots / days of wind: 4-6 days a week, but very constant wind!

For an actual Forecast you can check back this Page or go to  and navigate to Puttalam or Kalpitiya. On check Kalpitiya. And if you are not sure if it's windy you can look at the the monthly archive from Windguru.

We did some graphics for you to illustrate it from the last years! You don't trust this amazing statistics? Verify it here.