nkbWe are the one of the biggest Kitesurf-Centers in Sri Lanka.

We have a Cooperation with North Kiteboarding for 2016/2017 and we offer also other brands like Ozone, Slingshot and quite a lot from Gaastra. As we are a Northcenter just for a few weeks - we have two options for you: you can go with a North 2017 Kite (but pay a small upgrade fee) or go cheap and use some of our 2016 Kites (but all in good condition!) for a very interesting price!
For boards we have a wide mix of brands (already a lot NKB boards aswell), but for sure we have the right setup for you! For our Harnesses we trust in the big brands ION, Gaastra and Mystic. 
We also have a small surfshop where you can by latest Northkiteboarding Stuff and Accessories from different brands...





as it's quite complicated to bring equipment to Sri Lanka and especially get it repaired there - so just in case you crash and something is broken there are two options

  1. you pay the repair 
  2. or you book an insurance before 
**Special offer for limitied time: Insurance: 1 Day: € 25,- 2 Days € 45,- 7 Days € 130,-

You´ld rather bring your own gear? No prob, we have enough space in our storage! 


*Included is the use of fresh water for cleaning the Kite-equipment, Kite-pump, tools, beach fees.