Kite Lessons in Sri Lanka

  We offer following types of Courses (click Image for more Infos)




discovery beginner advanced

starts from 90€

starts from 345€

starts from 160€




Kiteboarding is one of the most fashionable sports and its "fan community" is growing rapidly. You will learn fast and enjoy this sport! There are many spots to uncover all over the world! Also for the advanced guys we offer premium courses, where you can really learn what you want - doesn't matter if you wanna learn to jump or learn how to backroll or maybe how to kiteloop - we will teach you! DE SILVA Windresort Kalpitiya is the only qualified VDWS Kite and Windsurfschool in Sri Lanka with more than 20 years of instruction experience!




Kite Discovery - 90€/Person"Get your first impressions about kitesurfing"

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Aim of the course:

  • 1h: - Learn about the wind window (the basic understanding needed to steer a kite) - Learn safely with a trainer kite how you can steer the kite (even one handed or blind)
  • 2h: - Learn how to set up your gear correctly in order to get ready for the action - Get in the water with a tubekite and experience the power you can set free

If you enjoy your Kite-Discovery you can switch afterwards to a beginner course and just pay the price difference.

We advise at least a 3 days BEGINNER course for your kiteboarding starter career. Depending on your individual level, we provide 1-3 days courses. Our very professional VDWS kite-instructor-team will teach you in a group of max. 2 persons. We prefer One-on-One instructions for best learning results. This personal kind of teaching provides the best way for your learning progress - and within you´ll have most fun!




Beginner Course /A1-A5 Level) - starts from 345€/Person


2 2 advanced5 beginner1 2 4


"Learn everything you need to know about kitesurfing - how to get in a safe way on the water on your own"Conditions: You will always have your personal instructor right beside you who answers all your questions and insures that you´ll learn as fast and safe as possible.

Pre-conditions: none for beginner-course; 

If you already have experienced kiteboarding before you may only need 1 or 2 days of refreshing to achieve necessary level. However, our well educated VDWS Team will give you advice.

You can choose between a two day and 3 day Course

  • 1 Day Beginner Course: 135€/Person (3h)
  • 2 Days Beginner Course 250€/Person (6h)
  • 3 Days Beginner Course: 350€/Person  (9hrs/1 Pers)
  • 4 Days Beginner Course: 430€/Person (12hrs/1 Pers )  <<--our advice for really fast progress

One-on-One Instructions/ Group of max. 2 persons/

Right now we have a special Group offer: 3 Day Beginner Course for 2 Persons with 10h Lessons for 410 Euro

Course Plan

1. Day

The first two hours you will do:

  • Master the trainerkite and learn everything about the wind window to be perfectly prepared for the following lessons on the water
  • Learn how to set up the equipment in the right way in order to get safe and fast on the water
  • Transfer your skills from the trainerkite to the tubekite and discover its massive power
  • Learn how to relaunch the kite when it drops down on the water

Then there is lunchbreak, get a snack and ready for your second unit of two hours

  • Specify your steering abilities with the tubekite by bodydraging downwind
  • Learn how to get back to your board by bodydraging upwind, only by using your body to give the power a direction

2. Day

The first 2 hours are really exciting for you today!


  • You are ready for the board! Learn about the powerdive: the manouver which gets you on the board and allows you to surf at the lagoon
  • Knowledge how to perform a controlled stop is very important and brings you closer to the next step: turn around

After a break you finally will feel like a real kite surfer in the next hour:

  • Learn how to steer the board by edging in order to go upwind or downwind

The last hour of day two is really important for your future Kite carrer

  • Safty training, repetition of subject matter

3. Day

is splitted like you will need it

  • Learn how to edge the board to return exactly to the point where you´ve started
  • The Basic Jibe is now the manouver you want to learn, in order to get back to your instructor
  • Repetition & Questions


VDWS – Basic Licence: theoretical & practical test for 35€

After your Beginner course you are well prepared to do the VDWS basic licence test. This card (with its specific licence number) aims to be a permanent companio and, by this, illustrates one's VDWS kite-apprenticeship for the rental of equipment and vis-à-vis local authorities.

Every passed level will be confirmed and recorded by a corresponding sticker on the kiteboarding licence-card. 


Advanced Course (A6-A7 Level)- 180€/Person


advanced advanced2 advanced4 3 4


"Discover new moves or master those on which you have been working so far"

One Day individual training (4 hours- and need to be consumed at once) 180 Euro/Person

Pre-conditions: A5-level incl. basic license


Conditions: Your instructor will share all his hints and informations directly on the water with you to ensure that your learning progress continues.

Aim of the course:

  • Get directly on the water with your instructor who describes you every little detail of the move. Demonstration and training of the right technique is going to lead to your succsess
  • Try the move now on your own. Your instructor will give you the help you need to get the move done