We are the biggest Windsurfcenter in Sri Lanka. We have pretty much all Gaastra Sails and Tabou Boards (and a few others). Most of the Stuff is brandnew.

  • new Gaastra Sails (IQ, Manic, Poison, Pilot, Matrix)
  • RDM (Skinny Masts) in most of the sails (just the big sizes are SDM)
  • modern booms with reduced Diameter for easy sailing and using less power while sailing
  • Tabou Boards
  • all kind of Boards (Wave - Freestyle Wave - Freeride) available
  • also prof Freestyleboards available

as it's quite complicated to bring equipment to Sri Lanka and especially get it repaired there - so just in case you crash and something is broken there are two options

  1. you pay the repair 
  2. or you book an insurance before (25€ a day, 150€ a week)


 *if you book 3hrs, 1day, 3days, 5days, 1 week, ... you have the gear booked for this time - it does not matter how often and how long you use it - also if there is no wind.


You´ld rather bring your own gear? No prob, we have enough space in our storage! 



*Included is the use of fresh water for cleaning of the Windsurf-equipment, tools, beach fees.