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Kitesurf Beginners

Course contents 1st day

Theoretical kitesurf basics

Wind window, Material Science, How to setup your equipment, safety rules

Flying school

Kite control : master the trainer kite and further the tube kite, start & land the kite, first water experiences: streering & relaunche, bodydrag upwind & downwind.

1 Day kite course

A1-Level 3hrs 1 : 1 instruction for just

135€ incl. equipment

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Course contents 2nd day

Repetition & individual bodydrag training before you are ready for the board!

Board School

Powerdive manouver, Board steering, try to ride your first meters, go down wind, Safety training

2 days kite course

A2-Level 6hrs1 : 1 instruction for just

250€ incl. equipment

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Course contents 3rd day

Learn how to ride

Controlled Stop & Go Edge the board, go downwind, Learn how to steer upwind to get back from where you´ve started Repetition & Questions

3 days kite course

A3-Level 9hrs1 : 1 instruction for just

350€incl. equipment

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Course contents 4th day

Train your riding skills

Technique of board edging & body posture, basic jibe, train streering upwind, zigzag tacking against the wind

individual Training


4 days kite course

A4-Level 12hrs1 : 1 instruction for just

430€incl. equipment

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VDWS Kitelsurfing License

Internationally accepted licence with theoretical test and practical level confirmation VDWS Work & Stylebook for reading and learning Inclusive Online registration in the worldwide VDWS data file.

Kitesurf licences are a must have at most of the kitespots and for sure it´s a precondition to borrow equipment at most of the kite stations all over the world.

VDWS International Basic Licence:

theoretical & practical test for 35€

including workbook for 40€

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