safe travel kitesurfing srilanka

Applies for Level1 safe travel kitesurfing Srilanka to International Tourists visiting Sri Lanka under tourist visa and optional for dual citizens, valid resident visa holders, Sri Lankan citizens who come under the tourism route. No prior approval required from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Civil Aviation Authority. There is no minimum duration of stay in Sri Lanka.

Level1 safe travel kitesurfing srilanka

safe travel kitesurfing srilanka

Stay in our Level 1 Hotel De Silva Windresort for safe travel kitesurfing srilanka when entering Sri Lanka 🙂 Go for kitesurfing and windsurfing during quarantine days! We have many actions and relaxing points for your quarantine stay!

Level 1 hotel contact

Nalika will assist you during booking procedure with ETA Visa, booking reference, PCR tests & insurance and airport pick ups! For your Level1 safe travel when kitesurfing in Srilanka!

Contact us for bookings at our Level1 safe travel kitesurfing srilanka through What's App


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Prior to boarding travellers are required to:

  1. Have negative PCR test done 72 hours before boarding flight. (In English!!!)
  2. A Hotel booking in a Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel/s for duration of 14 days for not vaccinated/ 24-48hrs for fully vaccinated + 2 weeks. However, hotel booking could be made directly with the hotel or through travel Agent or OTA. Customers are allowed to move within L1 hotels and use all facilities of the hotel! Stay in our Level 1 hotel De Silva Windresort for safe travel kitesurfing srilanka 🙂

All arrivals through Tourist Route – Non Vaccinated

    • Should be mandatorily quarantined at a Level 1 Hotel/s until completion of 14 days. (Movements within Level 1 Hotels allowed) before joining the community. De Silva Windresort is a certified Level 1 hotel! Book a Surfcabana or a Standard Room for your kitesurfing holidays during Corona!
    • 2 PCR testings should be done (Day 1 & Exit – between 11 to 14 days): 1 PCR Test in Sri Lanka costs 40 USD!
    • Children below 2 Years, Exempted from PCRs
    • Children 2 – 18 Years, 1 PCR – on Exit, day 14!

Fully Vaccinated tourists and their children from 2-18 years, only need 24-48hrs quarantine in a Level 1 Hotel after the 1 PCR negativ test result. Afterwards tourists can move in a Level 2 Hotel, like De Silva Palmresort. On day 7 a 2nd PCR test must be done from a Ministry of Health (MOH) approved labratrory (private or state, or at De Silva Level 1 hotel).

    1. Children below 2 Years, Exempted from PCRs
    2. Children 2 – 18 Years, 1 PCR – On Arrival


  • Covid Insurance is a must for all individual including Children & infants: (Costs for mandatory Covid insurance: 12 USD per person)
  • Airport transfers to be arranged by either the respective Certified Safe & Secure L1 hotel or Certified Safe & Secure travel agent. We will arrange!
Level1 hotel safe travel kitesurfing srilanka
kitesurfing srilanka level1

Please stay updated for the current Covid Travel Rules and follow the official Sri Lankan Tourism webpage!