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Sri Lanka Tourism Award Winner
“Best watersport center” & Kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka – book your kite surf holidays in Kalpitiya The best Kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka = De Silva Windresort. De Silva offers the best kitesurfing school and kite surf center in Sri Lanka! Book kitesurfing lessons and rooms directly at Sri Lankas kite spot Kalpitiya! 

free quarantine hotel offer sri lanka

What does quarantine mean at DE SILVA?

Don’t worry, you can move freely within our Bio Bubble. This means you can move around in your room, in front of it on the terrace and in the whole De Silva area.

The mandatory PCR test will be done on your arrival day. After receiving the negative result you are released from the Bio Bubble system and can move freely throughout Sri Lanka!

However, if you are fully vaccinated and prefer to stay at De Silva, you will receive credit for your quarantine stay if you book 7 nights or more at our  2** De Silva PALM  RESSORT! We are looking forward to your stay with us here at Lagune Side Kalpitiya!

Ahja one more thing, you want to go kitesurfing, take kitesurfing lessons or rent windsurfing equipment during or after your quarantine time with us?
No problem, our watersports center is Level 1 certified…

…We’ll make you ride! 🙂

De Silva PALM  RESSORT 2**

Stay over a couple of days at our Kalpitiya Relax Hotel, which caters to tourists and locals in need of a rest!

weekend hotel for locals in Kalpitiya

DE SILVA Windresort

Quarantine “Safe and Secure” = Level 1 certified Hotel in Kalpitiya with kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka!

Kalpitiya quarantine hotel Level 1
kitesurfing srilanka level1
Level 1 Hotel Kalpitiya De Silva Windresort



Kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka with two Resorts

two kite resorts in Sri Lanka Kalpitiya

Book your kite surf lessons at Kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka and rooms directly at Sri Lankas hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon! Either singles, couples, families and groups will find in our two resorts built next to each other nice accommodation for all budgets!

Kite School

best kite school in Sri Lanka

Above all, the best kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka offers high-end instruction standards (VDWS) and individual courses to make you ride! Book your individual kite surf course here and read in short what you will learn during your beginner course!

Windsurf Center

windsurf center in Sri Lanka

The one and only windsurf school in Kalpitiya! Offered by Sri Lankan 4th times windsurf National Champion Upul De Silva. Learn windsurfing here at Kalpitiya Lagoon! Book your windsurf lessons and rooms directly at Sri Lankas hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon!

North Kiteboarding Center

North Kitecenter in Sri Lanka

Actually we offer the new NORTH Kiteboarding equipment! You can rent and test it or buy your new North gear at our surf shop. In case you bring your own kites and boards just store them with us during your water sport holidays. Therefore we offer a secured storage for free!

Best kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka


Upul De Silva & De Silva Team

Upul De Silva, himself a successful windsurf (Asian Games 2006) and passionate waterman founded the surf school in 2009, as one of the first at a time when Sri Lanka was unknown as a wind sports destination.

Read more about our story and get to know our De Silva Team…

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya

De Silva offers the best kitesurfing school and kite surf center in Sri Lanka! Book your kitesurfing lessons and rooms directly at Sri Lankas hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon!

Next to 10 months of wind, Kalpitiya offers the huge Kalpitiya Lagoon with flat waters, standing areas (perfect for beginners) and teaching zones. In addition, the ocean is just a jump away where higher levels can go for a ride! 

Moreover there are a lot of options to make a kite trip: e.g. Vella Island, Dreamspot or down-winders!

Read more of the spots and our kite school in Sri Lanka…

Stay at De Silva Resorts

Our motto is “We´ll make you ride” so whatever level you come from we offer you best conditions here in Kalpitiya to have a great surf holidays!

To sum up, a lot of amenities await you next to the kite school and the windsurf center: Refresh during a swim, relax while your Ayurvedic treatments, compete in a billiard match or just relax in a hammock 🙂

In our restaurant we serve you best and totally fresh foods from the region. 

On the other hand at DE SILVA surfbar you can order fresh cocktails, coconuts, soft drinks and lion beer.

During your whole stay at De Silva we will take care of your well being – so just have a great time in Kalpitiya!


Kalpitiya as a region is very strongly influenced by fishing. After the first tourists found their way to Kalpitiya about 10 years ago (after the end of the war), traditional handicrafts can be seen everywhere. Likewise through the booming tourism a lot has changed. The profitable economy offers many families a new livelihood and promotes growth in all areas. De Silva is considered the initiator of water sports tourism in Kalpitiya and was one of the first to introduce Kalpitiya as a kitesurfing and windsurfing spot to the world and to market it as such.

Just a 5 minutes ride with a tuck tuck you reach the center of Kalpitiya town. Even there are not many attractions, you have the option to get a insight of the real life Sri Lankan inhabitants. In terms of progress, Sri Lanka is still behind the European standards in many ways but for this you can still see tradition craftsmanship! 

De Silva Charity - What we do for others...

As a hotel company and kite school in Sri Lanka, we overtake responsibility for natural environment! De Silva does not withdraw from this topic and tries to take a leading role!

That is to say, we have changed our hotel business into plastic free. 

We try as much as possible to avoid waste when buying food for the hotel. 

Certainly we hope to create awareness by cleaning Kalpitiya´s beach & streets!

Moreover we support the poor families and school children in Kalpitiya with school books and clothes.

There´s a lot more…

De Silva charity


SRi Lanka Tourism Award Winner 2018 for best watersport center in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tourism Award winner

As proud winner in the category “best water sport center”of the last Tourism Award, De Silva offers for both resorts the best kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka! Next to the kitesurf center you find the most professional windsurf station with SUP and the new trend sport wing foilsurfing.

In case you search the internet for a suitable accommodation for your next dream holiday in Sri Lanka, you will find more than enough offers. At DE SILVA you will find unique surfer style and comfortable rooms in a relaxing natural environment. Even tough every kite school in Sri Lanka has its offers only one can be the best and this is us! In addition, the Corona pandemic calls for accommodation that is safe for tourists and meets the highest standards of hygiene. This is what we offer at De Silva Windresort as a quarantine resort for tourists. As well as in the De Silva Palmresort for all tourists after the quarantine period and local guests who are looking for relaxation.

Besides the stable wind months, Kalpitiya is also known for its dolphins and whales that you can watch during the winter months. In addition, we have installed many amenities and activities for your comfortable stay in Kalpitiya.

We offer you highest standards as internationally recognised water sport provider. Wether in Kitesurfing or Windsurfing as well as top equipment for rental, kite lessons and individual trainings. We´ll make you ride!

Book here your windsurf or kitesurfing holidays directly with us
and get a -5% Discount on Room Basis Price and a 15% Voucher for a product of your choice from our surf shop

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surf store UpSideDown

Congratulations for 30 years surf store As part of the celebrations of our water sports friends for the 30th anniversary of Austria's largest surf store UpSideDown, we were allowed to create a Sri Lanka night in Podersdorf on one of the evenings!...

Kitesurfing holidays during Corona

Kitesurfing holidays during Corona

Kitesurfing holidays during Corona - visit Sri Lanka and find flat waters, stable winds and fantastic foods in Kalpitiya! Why not travel in times of Corona? Many are still afraid to travel, but in fact travelling by air is safer than ever, especially if you have...

Kitesurfing hotel Level 1 Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing hotel Level 1 Sri Lanka

HELLO AGAIN and Welcome back for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka has opened its boarders and says hello again to tourists from all over the world :). And we say hello again to kitesurfing and windsurfing friends and tourists from all over the world! Therefore...

Ready for your new water sport experience?

Try out wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka!

Wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka is a variation of a water sport that has developed from kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling. Standing on a board, the surfer holds a wing in his hand, which he places into the wind.

With the new hydrofoil boards you will get easily into gliding and have great fun! Give it a try….

We´ll make you ride wings! 🙂

Wing foil surfer Sri Lanka

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