Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

In fact kitesurfing is one of the most fashionable sports! To ride your kite through the elements – water, wind, sun & sky. This is Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! Above all, there is not a lot in this world that may give you this feeling of freedom while being so near yourself!

Therefore our team will teach you in the best and safest way possible so that you will make rapid progress and have fun while learning kitesurfing! Once you can jump high you will have this amazing view from the big Kalpitiya lagoon over the Indian Ocean. This is awesome!

Daily kite surf courses for all levels

Individual trainings & group lessons

Safety boat & beach watch

Amazing Down-Winders & Kitesurfaris

Perfect kite spot for all levels

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – Learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Whatever level you start from

 We´ll make you ride!

Learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – choose your level

Are you a bloddy beginner into kitesurfing or have you already gathered some experiences? Maybe you are already a good rider and want to learn some new tricks? Choose your level here wisely to get the most out of your kite holidays:

Bloddy Beginner – TYP A

You are totally new in this sport and want to learn kitesurfing? You’ll need 3-4 days of incstuction with our professional kite instructor team!


Experienced Beginner – TYP B

You have already made a course but still cannot ride alone? We´ll make you ride! Learn under safe conditions your new action sport!


Advanced Riders – TYP C

You can already ride but want to improve your skills? Whatever Level you start from – We´ll make you ride better 🙂 !

Rent or buy North Kites

Actually we offer the new NORTH Kiteboarding equipment! You can rent and test it or buy your new North gear at our surf shop. In case you bring your own kites and boards just store them with us during your water sport holidays. Therefore we offer a secured storage for free!

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Visit Sri Lanka for kitesurfing

Kalpitiya kite surf spots

The Kalpitiya lagoon is perfect for beginners and advanced levels because the lagoon is really big and there is enough space for every one who comes for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! So beginners mostly find standing areas at the teaching zones. Moreover, your instructor will stay with you until you are ready to ride your own meters! Our safety boat is prepared to pick you up whenever you are in need!


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Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Kite gear rental Sri Lanka
VDWS kite school in Sri Lanka

Perfect for kite beginners and riders

What makes kitesurfing in Sri Lanka that amazing? Experienced riders have the option to switch between the lagoon and the ocean. Basically, the lagoon is huge and offers flat waters to improve fast!

The ocean offers the option for down winders from Navy-point, dream spot or to baby lagoon. In addition a daytrip to Vella island during summer months is very popular. In the absolute outback you find paradise conditions to ride your kite!

Depending on wind directions and season we invite you to discover the best downwinders all year long!

  • Kalpitiya Lagoon/Dream spot to Ilimppativu Island (1,5hrs/1hrs)
  • Kappaladi lagoon to Kalpitiya Lagoon (1,5hrs)
  • From Kalpitiya lagoon to Donkey Point (1hrs)
  • Kalpitiya to Wilpattu National park (2hrs)
  • Ilimppativu Island to Vella Island (45min)
  • Discover secret downwinders around Puttalam and Kalpitiya Lagoons 🙂

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

What De Silva Kite Center offers for you!
1:1 and 2:1 Instructions
Safety Boat and Beach Assistant
Beach Hut
Top Equipment from NORTH
Beginner Beach
VDWS approved Kite Center

Kite & Stay Packages

at Kite hotel in Sri Lanka

So come for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Water. Wind. Sky. We´ll make you ride!

Best practice on site:

Dear guest, we train with the new top equipment from North Kiteboarding according to the VDWS training criteria to give you the best standards. Firstly, our staff will offer you the best service and safety on site so that you can have the most fun with your fun sport! Secondly, if you need something on site, please contact our team at any time!

On the other hand we also offer you an insurance service at our surf center, so that you don’t have to pay the repair costs in case of breakage.

Of course we check the equipment for your safety and learning progress every day!

DE SILVA Windresort Kalpitiya is the only qualified VDWS Kitesurf- and Windsurf school in Sri Lanka with more than 20 years of instruction experience! Your professional provider for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka 🙂