The NEW Reach Kite


New in April 2020

The North Reach 2020 is the all-round kite of the newly launched North Kiteboarding brand. With 3 struts it is a light weight kite that still does not lack stability for the strong days. The fast, easy turning kite is available in the typical North colours green, yellow and red.
The Leading Edge profile allows high jumps and a long hangtime. The kite also convinces with its upwind performance and super easy relaunch, even in light wind. The sizes 13, 15 and 17 are additionally adjusted for light wind. Thanks to their performance you stay last on the water, even when everyone else is already back on the beach.
The Reach kite is a fusion of the North Orbit, the North Pulse and the North Carve. These three convince in their respective areas, Big Air, Freestyle and Wave. The Reach combines all three and is therefore the go-to kite for all those who don’t want to commit themselves to one area, want to jump high but at another time also want to go out with the surfboard or get unhooked. As it has no pully bridles it reacts quickly with direct feedback and is therefore suitable for beginners as well as advanced kiters.


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All-round kite

With the Reach, North Kiteboarding has created an absolute all-round kite, which not only proves itself in bombastic boosting sessions with its deep leading edge profile, but also scores with good drifting during the days in the waves due to its well-balanced profile. Furthermore the Reach is no expert in unhooked jumps, but still shows a solid performance in freestyle and wakestyle tricks.

Suitable for beginners

With its extremely simple relaunch and good upwind performance, the Reach is the perfect kite for beginners and also convinces with its high riding comfort.

Light wind sizes

The light wind sizes are the sizes 13sqm, 15sqm, 17sqm, which are specially designed for light wind conditions to get even more out of the weak days.

Fast and agile kite

The pleasantly light barge feeling is rounded off by a direct reaction of the kite, allowing you to fly turns in tight radii and high speed. Because the North Reach has no pully bridles, the steering impulses feel even more direct.

Aerodynamic efficiency

The optimized shape of the profile panels ensures a highly efficient and turbulence-free flow to the kite.

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The agony of choice - to make your decision easier we offer you the following:

During your stay you book your normal kite rental. Here you have the opportunity to try out all North Kites. If you have found your new kite you can take the Orbit, Pulse, Reach or Carve with bar home with you, and best of all, we will deduct the rental costs (max. 10 days kite & bar worth 245€) from your new kite!

This warranty covers new North products purchased ONLY from an authorized North Kiteboarding centre, retailer or distributor or from the North Kiteboarding website.