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Try out wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka!

Wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka

Wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka is a variation of a water sport that has developed from kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling. Standing on a board, the surfer holds a wing in his hand, which he places into the wind.

Inflate, leash around the wrist, foilboard in hand and out on the water!

Yeah… We´ll make you ride wings 🙂

Like the kite, the wing consists of a front tube and a middle strut. Handle loops are sewn onto the middle strut over the entire length to make the wing manoeuvrable. In the beginning you will have to get a feeling for the wing. Just start with a Stand Up Paddle Board! When you have already developed a bit of feeling, you can switch to a bigger wingfoilboard 🙂

Foil wings, wingsurfers or also called surf wings are not a new invention, however. The concept was already tried out by veteran windsurfers in the late eighties: Developer Tom Magruder introduced his “Wind Weapon” as early as around 1986. With conventional boards, however, the fun of riding with wings was limited until then. Everything has now changed with the advent of the big foil boards! With a big foil board you can take off at minimum speed. They are also tilt-resistant and therefore very easy to handle. The big foil boards thus opened up new areas of use and real fun for the wings.

Who if not us – De Silva Windresort Kalpitiya – should be the first to offer this new trend sport of wing foilsurfing in Sri Lanka? Upul practised a bit during the pandemic and enjoys his new hobby almost every day!

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Rental Price List for Wing Surfing

Wing + SUP Board

1hr 30 €
2hrs 50 €
1day 75 €
2 days 105 €
3 days 155 €

Wing + Hydrofoil Board


45 €


65 €


90 €

2 days

135 €

3 days

195 €

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