If you come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing, don’t miss the possibility of dolphin and whale watching in Kalpitiya!

There is one of the biggest pods of dolphins just a few kilometers off Kalpitiya´s coast. A boat ride will take you out to see this wild beauties in their natural habit. Definitely it’s worth to go for a Dolphin and whale watching boat tour in Kalpitiya! We are committed to the protection of our local dolphin population while giving you a pleasure on watching them.

  • It’s only possible to watch dolphins and wales from November to April!
  • Just Book your Dolphin and whale watching – ticket directly in the resort!
  • Definitely you will see hundreds of Dolphins. Perhaps you are also lucky to see a wale on your boat ride!
  • There are many different wales domiciiled in the sea of Sri Lanka Island!

Dolphins live in all oceans of our earth, but off Kalpitiya´s coast you can observe them especially well during a boat trip!

What you should know about Dolphin and whale watching in Kalpitiya:

Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent mammals. The reason for this is their brain size, which is relatively one of the largest in the mammal kingdom. Their large brain brought the dolphins already in the 1950s the reputation to be particularly clever! Only we humans surpass them and, along with large sharks, are also considered their natural enemies.
Therefore it is also particularly important for us to stand up for the protection of the dolphins!

Dolphins are said to speak their own language, so-called “dolphin language”. They communicate in the form of sounds like whistles, clicks and squeaks and each dolphin also has its own personal identification whistle.
During hunting, dolphins communicate via ultrasonic waves. In summary, this makes dolphins unique in the animal kingdom.

During a dolphin watch off the coast of Kalpitiya you will not see a few animals or a small family! No, you can see up to several hundred dolphins at once. Like small surfers they use the bow waves of the boats to play with the waves. Perform partly fabulous jumps that always trigger a “wow” with the spectators!

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