Where to go for kitesurfing during cold winter months?

When it´s cold and dark in the European homes it´s time to book your flight to Sri Lanka and escape into a warm windy paradise! Kalpitiya the spot to be – season starts in December and wind blows until mid of March. Better pack your board short and bikinis, some good kites (sizes 9m2 / 12m2 / maybe also 13m2) your flip flops, sun cream and your good looking sun glasses!

You can even start kitesurfing with us at the Kalpitiya lagoon, ride all day on the lagoon by yourself or do some down winders on the ocean.
Need a break – book a dolphin tour and see hundreds of them during a boat ride!
Go for diving or snorkeling – during winter months you have the option to see the water world on the west coast!
Eat good food – Sri Lankan Curries are healthy and taste delicious.
Meet new friends! Share your passion with people form all over the world here at DE SILVA 🙂


Hope to see you soon – here at Kalpitiya Lagoon!