Are you looking for a resort to do Kitesurf and Ayurveda in Srilanka! If you are looking for a holiday destination where all family wishes are fulfilled, then De Silva Windresort is the right place for you!

To combine Kitesurf and Ayurveda in Srilanka must be one of the best vacations for all travellers. Ayurveda is a thousands of years old teaching from India and Sri Lanka. The Sanskrit words “ayus” stand for “life” and “veda” for “knowledge. The health doctrine puts its attention above all on the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. Many measures therefore serve the purpose of prevention.

Combine kitesurf and Ayurveda in Sri Lanka though your holidays!

For water sports and action hero’s we offer Sri Lanka’s largest kitesurfing and windsurfing school, directly at the hotspot Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka.
You will find a really awesome swimming pool at De Silva Palmresort, as well as leisure activities! Like badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis and a pool table.

All those who prefer pure relaxation, we offer Ayurveda treatments of the finest quality. Certainly, first class oils are used in the traditional way and according to your type to pamper your body. But also several Ayurvedic cures as well as massage programs for back pain that is typical for kitesurfer and windsurfs are offered in our Ayurveda Center!

Kitesurf and Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Treatment center in Kalpitiya

Accommodation is available for every budget, from singles to large families!

When is the best time to come to Sri Lanka on holiday?

We are asked this question again and again! Have a look on wind forecast pages ans you will be amazed!
The Wind to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is always good for, but in fact the best months are May-October and December-February! For all those who want to escape the cold winter in Europe, the winter months are particularly suitable.

Kitesurf and Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka with Ayurveda Center

And why should you book Kitesurf and Ayurveda in Srilanka with De Silva? Apart from the fact that we are unique, we offer top equipment, we are right at the spot and are happy to welcome you!

If you have any further questions or want to read more about this topic, just check our webpage or contact us directly 😉

See you soon, here at Kalpitiya Lagoon!