About Pathum De Silva – Kitesurfing photographer in Sri Lanka

My name is Pathum de Silva, I am originally from Sri Lanka and now living with my family in
Austria. In my free time you can either find me on the water or behind my camera. I like about
photography that you can capture moments and keep them forever. That’s why I combine both and become a Kitesurfing photographer in Sri Lanka!

Through my love for kite and windsurfing I also developed my passion for photography. Some
years ago I started to take pictures just for fun and improved my skills a lot since then.
I have a lot experience with sports photography especially with watersports, like kite- and
windsurfing, but also offer portrait, family and couple shootings.
If you are interested please call or email me for an offer. I would be happy to capture your special
moments in a picture.

kitesurfing photographer sri lanka



Kitesurfing and sport photographer in Sri Lanka by Pathum

Wouldn’t it make your holiday perfect, to have some amazing pictures of you on the water?
This winter Pathum de Silva will be again at our resort and not only give you Kitesurfing-, Windsurfing-
Wing Foil lessons, but also offer photo shootings and picture packages. As he is teaching and
practicing the sports himself, he knows when to take the picture, to make most out of your trick
riding. With his Nikon camera and teleobiektive you will get high quality pictures, also when you
are not close to the beach.

Kitesurfing photographer in Sri Lanka – Packages at De Silva Watersport Center 12.22-2.23

5 high quality pictures – 3 edited 50€ |
10 high quality pictures – 5 edited 75€