Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka


De Silva offers the best kitesurfing school and kite surf center in Sri Lanka! Book kitesurfing lessons and rooms directly at Sri Lankas hotspot Kalpitiya Lagoon!

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing lessons in Kalpitiya

Next to 10 months of wind, Kalpitiya offers many different Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka: The huge Kalpitiya Lagoon with flat waters, standing areas (perfect for beginners) and teaching zones and the ocean is just a jump away where higher levels can go for a ride!

Moreover there are a lot of options to make a kite trip: e.g. Vella Island, Dreamspot or down-winders!

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka Vella Island

Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka – Vella Island – the paradise for kitesurfers

Kalpitiya kite surf spots

The Kalpitiya lagoon is perfect for beginners and advanced levels because the lagoon is really big and there is enough space for every one who comes for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! So beginners mostly find standing areas, your instructor will stay with you until you are ready to ride your own meters! Our safety boat is prepared to pick you up whenever you are in need!

Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka: Perfect for kite beginners and riders

What makes kitesurfing in Sri Lanka that amazing? Experienced riders have the option to switch between the lagoon and the ocean. The lagoon is huge and offers flat waters to improve fast!

kitesurfing sri lanka

Kitesurf hotspot Kalpitiya lagoon – where the best kiters ride!

The ocean offers the option for down winders from Navy-point, dream spot or to baby lagoon. Very popular is a daytrip to Vella island during summer months. In the absolute outback you find paradise conditions to ride your kite!

We would be happy to welcome you at our wonderful kitesurfing paradise and guarantee best service as well as high standards in instruction as well as surfers mood accommodation! Just book your flight and we check the rest!

Your De Silva Team!