De Silva Windresort In Kalpitiya Is The Best Kitesurfing Place For Beginners

You wanna learn kitesurfing – learn at the best kitesurfing place for beginners in Sri Lanka

If you are searching for the best kitesurfing place for beginners look no further, it’s not like looking for a needle in a haystack. The thrilling excitement that you would derive is just a hop away and with basic training at kite school sri lanka! You could open doors to a very high adrenaline pumping experience. The offer of an exciting holiday is at your fingertips and you would experience something that only the beautiful shores of Sri Lanka could offer.

start kitesurfing during your kitesurfing holidays in Sri Lanka

Just click on the website and immediately you will be connected to the best school for kite surfing and windsurfing in sri lanka. Managed by qualified professionals and led by Upul De Silva who was four times National Sri Lanka champion in the sport you are definitely in good and safe hands:

You are welcome to spend the most exciting and enjoyable holiday ever undertaken with the Indian Ocean literally under your feet. Our kitesurf family hotel srilanka extends hospitality on a platter for which our country is renowned over the centuries. The many travellers who have graced our shores speak volumes about our beautiful country and above all the extended hospitality. If you are additionally looking for an outdoor experience par excellence then kitesurfing sri lanka is definitely your place to be.

There may be many kite resort sri lanka but the place where it all happens is none other than off the coast of Kalpitiya, in the northwest of this resplendent island nation. The exact location without an iota of doubt would be the De Silva Windresort. Safety is the primary concern and no stone is left unturned to ensure every international safety regulation is adhered to and an environment conducive to everyone is maintained at all times.

If you are joining your buddies and want to experience the thrill of kitesurfing sri lanka then pack your gear or we could hire them out to you and come enjoy the sun and the fun. Those who have come and experienced our facilities take back undiluted memories because we are the best kitesurf camp for singles. You would take back home some cherished memories which would remain in you until the shores of Kalpitiya beckons you again. De Silva Windresort would be happy to welcome you always, with open arms.

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