When planning a vacation and defining the destination of your dreams, you should also consider the security within the country. Thus, the question arises about the current political situation in Sri Lanka. Is Sri Lanka a safe destination?

safe travel for tourists in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is basically a safe travel destination, where you feel very comfortable as a tourist. As is common internationally, there are increased controls at the most traveled tourist attractions. The military is currently also responsible for security in the country. So expect that the contents of your bags and backpacks will be checked occasionally during your trip, as well as various passport controls await you.

About the current political / economical situation in Sri Lanka:

Due to the bad economic situation, there are currently unfortunately supply restrictions. (Caused by the Corona virus and the resulting international economic crisis). These are mainly electricity, gas, fuel, imported goods, medical products and medicines. Local food is sufficiently available. (Imported goods are scarce, but there is no general food shortage in Sri Lanka). However, due to the economic situation, the cost of maintenance has increased enormously. Poorer people in particular are suffering as a result. However, this also makes your stay more expensive overall compared to the cost of travel a few years ago.

current economic situation in Sri Lanka

Ongoing protests take place mainly in major cities, with Colombo being the political hub.
Avoid longer stays in front of political institutions and larger gatherings of people or protests!

Therefore, well-organized trips are subject to hardly any restrictions to date. Certified tourist service providers are preferentially supplied with fuel. Expect possible power interruptions, which can be bridged. However, for the most part by certified hotels by means of private power supply.

Do I have to expect a curfew during my holidays?

On May 9, a specific politically-motivated incident led to riots in several parts of the country directed against (ex-) politicians and their property. Since then, curfews for locals have been in place repeatedly to prevent riots.
Tourists and tourist service providers are generally always exempt from any curfews in Sri Lanka. Cultural sites and national parks are open to tourists during curfews. However, public transportation does not operate during curfews or is severely limited.

There is currently no travel warning for Sri Lanka due to the current political situation in Sri Lanka and the Corona status. You have questions about the security situation in Sri Lanka and want to get more information? Contact the foreign office of your country of origin, or send us your concerns! We are happy to help you individually! Send us your e-mail: office@surfschool-srilanka.com

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