VISIT SRI LANKA for your kitesurf holidays in December!

De Silva offers in Kalpitiya, hotspot for kitesurfers, one of the most professional watersport centers in Asia! Especially the winter months December-March are perfect months to visit the spot!

You like to book kitesurf holidays in December in Sri Lanka? Perfec conditions in Kalpitiya! The wind comes from north-west stable from the sea on the lagoon. It brings every day 15-20 knots of warm sea wind to Kalpitiya on the Great Lagoon. There the trainings and courses take place. The conditions are really perfect for everyone! Beginners will find mostly standing water, the lagoon is not too shallow and not too deep. There are no corals or rocks to cut yourself on. Nevertheless, we recommend surf shoes for protection from shells or stones.

Because the wind is so stable and not too strong on the lagoon it will be easy for you to get a feeling for the kite! After a few hours it will be easy for you to steer the kite in a way that you feel safe. Soon you will be able to ride alone. Don’t worry, we are with you! Our rescue boat is on site and you won’t be let out alone 😉 as long as you don’t want to do it yourself!

Those who already know how to kitesurf will also have fun! The large lagoon offers a lot of space and ideal conditions to learn and train! Our team is always on site to take care of you, help you, pamper you and show you a completely different culture!

kitesurf holidays in December

December Kitesurf Hotel Sri Lanka

Especially Covid-vaccinated people will have it very easy in the future to realize a trip to Sri Lanka like once before Corona! So come for kitesurf holidays in December!

The Corona Pandemic has pushed many of us to our personal limits. De Silva has also been through difficult times, or is still in the middle of them. But we stay positive and believe that you will visit us soon! Sri Lanka has just opened the borders fully and welcomes all tourists.

Book your kitesurf holidays in December at De Silva

To be prepared for this we have invested! On the one hand, we have renovated the cabanas and standard rooms in the Level 1 certified Windresort. New roofs and repair work were inevitable! But now it looks even nicer! Some of the rooms also got a new air conditioning installed, so you feel comfortable with us!

In PALM RESSORT 2** a new restaurant was built with its own kitchen. This was built in a very own style with a lot of love and creativity adapted to the natural building style! Particularly noteworthy is the “chandelier” in the restaurant. On request we can produce a similar one for your home 😉

kitesurf holidays in December

New restaurant in De Silva PALM RESSORT 2**

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