New North Navigator Control in Sri Lanka

Marc Jacobs is not just a megaloop maniac, he also knows a thing or two about control systems. Marc played a key role in testing and developing the 2021 New North Navigator Control in Sri Lanka!

North Kitesurfing Sri Lanka

Test the new North Bar for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – De Silva Windresort

The 2021 Navigator comes with Premium 100% Dyneema SK99 flying lines. These are stronger, thinner profile, pre-stretched flying lines meaning less parasitic drag and uncompromised direct performance.

North Control System 2021

North Control System sizes

Have the confidence to fly with the new North Navigator Control in Sri Lanka.

New North Navigator Control – HIGHLIGHTS


In your hands


“Simple, refined and intuitive. Right down to the sound of the closure. Push and click.” – Hugh Pinfold

Are you looking for your new kite, which will reliably accompany you through all wind days in the future? You’ve come to the right place where technology meets enthusiasm!

Next to the new North Control System you can also fly the new Reach Kite at De Silva Kitecenter in Kalpitiya, the allrounder kite from North. Or you may want to get this amazing view from the lagoon over the ocean while your unbreakable hang time with the new Orbit Kite?

Give it a try and become a North Rider, fly the same kite as Jesse Richman and benefit from the brand’s international service!

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