Sri Lankas Best Kitesurf Center is located at one of the worlds windiest hotspots in Kalpitiya! The perfect spot for kitesurfers and windsurfers!

DE SILVA is the proud winner of this year’s Sri Lanka Tourism Awards in the category of the Best Watersport Center. So thankful and happy to be chosen by all as Sri Lankas Best Kitesurf Center! Firstly, many thanks to all the people who made this possible. And of course to all those who created DE SILVA through the years! Special thanks goes to my team members who always stay behind me and the idea to make our resorts special for all kitesurfers and windsurfers in the world!

Best Kitecenter in Sri Lanka

Tourism award Sri Lanka for best Kiteschool in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Tourism Award for best kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka

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About Upul De Silva

Chairman of DE SILVA Resorts


One of Sri Lankan best windsurfers (4 times National Champion, Asian Games 2006), established De Silva Windresort in 2012.

More than 25 years of windsurf experience. More than 10.000 students in Europe, hard work and never ending love for watersports made him succsessful! In 2018 DE SILVA reached a new milestone. As a result, we won the last Sri Lankan tourism award in the category “best water sport center”!


“When I was a poor young boy of eleven my dream awake to run my own surf school one day! Today I offer Sri Lankan best kite- and windsurf school. I hope to awake the love for water sports in my guests! It would be a pleasure to me to welcome you at my ECO-Resorts here in Kalpitiya!

Have a relaxful time, my team and me will do everything to make your stay perfect while getting a real insight of our culture.Your task is just to take your gear & board, get out on the water & just kite or windsurf as long as you want! My team will serve you best quality beverages from the region and take care of you!”


Kitesurf Lagoon in Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya